Rough Draft by Chris Owen and Jodi Payne
Torquere Press
Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60370-015-3, 1-60370-015-3
Reviewed by Cheryl




After college Grey and Paul went their separate ways.  Although they were close friends and lovers, both men had lives to live...on opposite coasts.  Five years later the reality of their situations isn't quite what either envisioned.  When Grey reaches out to Paul in a letter, the two quickly begin a regular correspondence.  What starts with friendly, yet serious, letters intensifies into flirty sexual exchanges.  Even after all this time, the connection is still there.  The sex was always spectacular, and Grey and Paul remained friends after the split, but Paul wonders what they are really doing now.  Where is all this going?  Where can it really go with 3000 miles between them?  

Kinky and sweet, Rough Draft is a completely satisfying erotic romance.  It begins with a series of letters between Grey and Paul, and then mixes in some standard prose.  The letters grabbed my attention and enabled me to truly get to know the characters.  Paul and Grey are engaging, real people.  Neither is perfect, but both are utterly lovable.  Their relationship is never easy and it's a downright tangled mess at times.  I wondered if there was a way through their angst and hurt, but this difficulty makes the resolution wholly gratifying and believable.  Without giving away any spoilers, there is a later revelation that almost left me in tears.  Heartbreaking and romantic, it totally changes the story.  I absolutely love Chris Owen and Jodi Payne’s Rough Draft, and I Joyfully Recommend it!


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