Hell by Jet Mykles
Heaven Sent Series, Book 3
Loose Id
Yaoi Contemporary (M/M)
ISBN: 978-1-59632-440-4
Reviewed by Sabella




Brent plays the guitar for the band Heaven Sent.  He has never gotten used to the screaming fans and the rabid press, but he endures it for the love of music.  Brentís used to being wanted for being part of the band or in some cases for being as close as others can get to what they truly want.  In the past, people have sought him out to get close to Luc, the bass player, or Johnny, the singer, so he has learned never to trust people that come on to him.  Really, inevitably everyone realizes that Brent is not what he or she wants and they move on. So he has learned to keep everyone at an arms length to spare him the pain of rejection.

Heller Witting, or Hell, is the new addition to the band.  He has always admired the band, but he has always had a little something for the man that composes the music, Brent.  When he is invited to become part of the band he sees his chance and he is not going to let it slip away.  Brent proves to be resistant, but Hell doesnít let that stop him.  Hell just needs to convince Brent that heís exactly what Brent needs.

Hell is a wonderfully heart-wrenching story. You will take turns between anticipating the next encounter between Hell and Brent and wanting to smack Brent for not seeing whatís in front of him.  Throughout all the action you will just want to take Hell out of the story and make him your own.  Hell may be small in stature but he is more than up for the challenge of taking on Brent.  Jet Mykles portrays incredibly loveable, but imperfect characters that will keep you hot and bothered and at the edge of your seat.  Go and buy yourself Hell right now, but be warned you might stay up all night finishing this book.


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