Genesis by Kaitlyn OíConnor
New Concepts Publishing
Fantasy/Futuristic/Alien Capture
ISBN: 978-1-58608-892-7
Reviewed by Tanya




Bri is a late 20ís woman who is traveling in an unfamiliar area and when she canít find a hotel room on the main drag she tries to find one on a back road.  The only thing she finds is that she is lost in the middle of nowhere and then, to make matters worse, her car suddenly dies.  It doesnít take her long to figure out that something is not right when she is blinded by a light.  The next thing she remembers is floating and then odd shaped beings as well as robots.  She wakes up in a hotel room, but when she examines it closer she finds that everything is faux, the TV is a box, and the mattress is a plastic rectangle.  Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to make an elaborate hoax.  After more drugged dreams she wakes up with a hard collar around her neck.  When the collar sends her outside to escape the pain it inflicts, she is stunned to see other beings.  There are very hot looking men that are similar to humans, but with a number of differences, such as their size and skin color.

Bri determines that the other woman in the neighboring area is also from Earth.  But, of course, she only speaks Spanish, which Bri only understands about 3 words of.  As time goes by, Bri tries to make the best of the situation and even cares for a baby that is left on her doorstep.  It is easy to determine that the baby is the same race as the men, by the coloring and build.  But, she canít help but learn to love it.

Kole is the warrior that Bri first notices.  She also notices that there are other similar warriors.  Kole was also abducted and he knows a little about the slavers who have abducted Bri.  He has been on this ship longer and forced to breed with the women of his race that were also taken. But their women donít want to be slaves and either kill themselves or their children when they are born.  This has lead to the abduction of the Earth women.  The slavers only want male babies so, when they force the women together with the warriors, they will force them to be with different warriors to make sure they get the babies they want.  While it isnít the situation that she would have dreamed of for her life she finds she is attracted to Kole and also to the second male she is forced to stay with, Dansk.  How will they all deal with the slavery and grueling tasks the aliens set forth for them.

Genesis is a very interesting look into the possible abduction of humans for the purpose of creating a new race.  Kaitlyn OíConnor takes the needed time to set up the scenario, and gives you a look into the head of those dealing with the situation as well as the language barriers that are bound to happen.  She knows how to write hot love scenes as well as sassy characters.  Genesis pulled me in and made me think about how I would handle a similar situation.  I highly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in the possibility that ďthere is other life out thereĒ and likes a steamy read.


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