Fortune’s Forbidden Woman by Heidi Betts
Dakota Fortune Series
Silhouette Desire #1801
ISBN: (10) 0-373-76801-X (13) 978-0-373-76801-1
Reviewer: Melissa




Maya Blackstone has loved her stepbrother, Creed Fortune, for years, but the marriage of her mother to his father has always made any relationship between them seem impossible, so she’s hidden her love.  Little does she know, Creed returns her feelings, but has also been keeping his love a secret.  Can they overcome society’s opinions and weather the scandal in order to finally be together?

I love Heidi Betts!  Without a doubt, Fortune’s Forbidden Woman is a wonderful example of why.  Creed and Maya’s star-crossed love kept me absorbed in the book, anxiously waiting for them to give into their passion.  Sensual and emotionally riveting, Fortune’s Forbidden Woman should be on every romance lover’s reading list!


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