Eternal Victory by Ann Jacobs
d’Argent Honor, Book 4
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 978-1-41991-033-3
Reviewed by Klarissa




Detective Lieutenant Mara Leone must solve the murders happening in her district.  The women are drained of blood and a single white rose is left in their hand.  Out to question a vampire, who she suspects could be the killer, Mara meets up with Alex d’Argent.  Alex makes Mara yearn for another vampire lover.  Her last one died, leaving her heartbroken.  Her emotions grow more intense as Alex offers his help to find the killer.  Mara' body and mind see Alex as another way to fulfill her long desire to be bitten again.

With emotions for each other running high, Alex must find his Clan’s long time nemesis and kill him.  Alex also discovers that his feelings for Mara run far too deep to turn away from her now.  Something he never would have expected to happen to him.  Can they solve the murders together, before Reynard kills again?

I absolutely can not get enough of Ann Jacob’s d’Argent vampires.  Talk about honor indeed, these characters in Eternal Victory have it dripping from their pores.  Alex is an alpha male with enough emotion you can feel when he reaches a new level with Mara.  Alex’ story is an asset to this growing series making it more and more addicting for the reader.  Be warned, if Eternal Victory is your first book by Ann Jacobs you’ll want to rush out and get the rest.  A definite recommended read!


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