Diplomatic Relations by Lyndi Lamont
Alliance series, Book 1
Amber Allure
Erotic Sci-Fi/Gay/Menage
ISBN: 978-1-60272-020-6
Reviewed by Rosemary DuBose



Captain Rulik is on his way to a military alliance meeting, when he answers a distress call from a spaceship being pursued by outlawed raiders.  On board the rescued ship, Rulik meets the man of his dreams and the woman who holds the key to the future of their two worlds.

Diplomatic Relations is a creative, sometimes funny story of two different worlds and the benefits that can be gained by uniting together.  Lyndi Lamont weaves a tale of the attraction between the sexy Captain Rulik and the sensual warrior Shayan.  But the success of the alliance depends on the beautiful Arpana, who is also attracted to Rulik.  Rather than lose the progress made, the three decided to share their desires for each other for the good of their worlds.  Diplomatic Relations is an erotic tale of problem solving with sizzling love scenes.  I found the story enjoyable and Iím torn between Rulik and Shayan as my favorites. I also liked the different traditions between the two planets.  I think Lyndi Lamont has created a Sci-Fi keeper.


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