Diamonds of Ice by Lynne Connolly
Dept. 57 series, book 6
Triskelion Publishing
ISBN: 1-60186-162-1
Reviewed by Klarissa




Fabrice Germain, a once wondrous and powerful virgin sorcerer, now has nothing left of his power.  For the last six months heís been trying to get past the trauma that took it away and live a normal life.  Getting a job at an advertisement agency, Fabrice is ready to get on with his life.  Then he meets Gemma, his bossís ex.  Gemma, instantly attracts him, but with them working at rival agencies their relationship is doomed. 

Neither knows how doomed until their mutual friends get murdered.  On his deathbed one friend left Fabrice a most precious gift.  With its acceptance, Fabrice soon finds out he would rather die then live on.  Can Gemma help him past his fears while they hunt their friends killer?

Another marvelous story from Lynne Connolly!  Diamonds of Ice is so complex, yet very easy to follow.  Like a spider web, Diamonds of Ice will make you stick with it till the end.  The Department 57 books are wonderful stories and Diamonds of Ice is an excellent addition.  You can read this by itself, but afterwards youíll want the whole series!  A recommended read for sure.


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