Desperate Seduction by Alyssa Brooks
Ellora’s Cave
ISBN: 9781419910609
Contemporary Romance/ Light BDSM
Reviewed by Tanya




Claire is a workaholic accountant who has put her career ahead of just about everything in her life, but her friendship with Blake, for years.  Then suddenly all is changed, she is diagnosed with premature menopause.  All those dreams she has said were for later; the picket fence, loving husband and kids, she may never have a chance to develop.  Not only is she single she’s a virgin.  The only person she can think of to help her get pregnant is Blake, her neighbor and long time friend.  She has always had a crush on the cowboy Karate instructor, but not wanting to risk the friendship, she kept her feelings to herself.  Now she is desperate and willing to do just about anything.

Blake has been attracted to Claire since she tutored him in college, but he is convinced that the straight laced Claire would probably freak out if she knew his sexual preferences in the bedroom.  He is a dominant and likes to play with toys as well as some spanking.  When Claire shocks him with her proposal he agrees to make a decision after 3 days of “trial” in the bedroom.  If they agree at the end of the 3 days, he is up for the task.  Will she take him up on the offer and will she last the 3 days?

Desperate Seduction is an absolutely fantastic and spicy book.  The writing pulled me in and I could picture the scenes in my head, I want my own black belted karate instructor.  Desperate Seduction was a very hot and moving story about two-long time friends that don’t know as much about each other as they thought.  I highly recommend this story to those who like just a little kink in their stories with a great plot line.


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