Angel Eyes and Demon Lies by CJ England
Forbidden Publications
Genre: Holiday/ Romance/ Fantasy
Reviewed by TehyaTala




An angel who brings romance and passion to the mortals in her care, Anael has never experienced love.  Orias, a demon, has one purpose in life. He is gifted with the gifts of prophecy and divination that he uses for his master's foul schemes.

Until Destiny brings them together, opposite reasons to the same place. Then begins a forbidden passion. Loving each other consumes them. Where will their forbidden path take them?

Woven with talented skill, CJ England pulled me in from the first page. The depth and emotional sensations explode upon your senses. Tantalizing, tempting and torrid, the heat will heat you up and leave you steaming. It was an excellent tale that I enjoyed completely. Angel Eyes and Demon Lies is one of the great books that I will read again and again. I highly recommend it to all who enjoy erotic fantasy.


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