Alicia: The Awakening by Tianna Xander
The Chosen, Book 2
Paranormal Romance/Vampires
ISBN: 1-55410-734-2
Reviewed by Tanya




Alicia is a scared Guide who was brutalized six months ago by cultists in the hope of releasing a demon lord.  Her Aunt and her Grandmother both lost their lives to insure that Alicia kept hers.  She does live but she’s raped by multiple cult members and the cult takes over her childhood home.  Gabriel and her friend Tasha were among those who were finally able to save her.

Gabriel is one of the good guys.  He is a Cartoutney, one of the elite vampires who help to keep everyone safe and away from evil.  He has found his mate in Alicia and he will do whatever it takes to keep her safe and away from the cultists.  He marries her for her safety, but he hopes it will become more when she realizes that all men are not like the ones that hurt her.

Alicia can’t believe that a man as handsome as Gabriel would waste his time on her – she’s damaged goods and can’t even consummate their wedding on their wedding night.  But, as she learns to trust Gabriel and falls in love with him, there are opportunities for her inner strength to shine through and the wait is worth it.

Wow, wow and wow!  I absolutely loved Alicia: The Awakening and immediately went to find the others in The Chosen series. Tianna mixes the right amount of steamy sex with a fantastic plot line in this second book in the series. Tianna also deals very well with the tragedy of Alicia’s loss of innocence and how she does not easily trust others, especially men afterward.  Gabriel can warm my aura anytime.  If you like the series by Patricia Briggs and JR Ward this series is right up your alley and a must read.  I cannot recommend Alicia: The Awakening enough for those who love this genre.


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