Velvet Blade by Sean Michael

Velvet Glove Series

Torquere Press

Futuristic M/M Ė BDSM

ISBN: 978-1-60370-844-9

Reviewed by Lisa



The Velvet Glove is the premier BDSM club in the galaxy.  There are guests, members, and permanent residents at the Glove.  Outstanding private apartments, clubs, spas, and restaurants are available for use.  Anything is possible at the Velvet Glove.

Gideon Blueplum has worked very hard for the money heís earned and now he intends to enjoy it.  He moves into the Glove as a permanent resident and club member.  Gideon hasnít had time for a relationship in the past, but he plans to change his single status at some point in the future.  Hopefully he will find a partner sometime soon.

Some of the Yachian refugees from the planet Unkal have settled in the city near the Glove.  The atrocities committed on the Unkal people are still whispered about to this day.  Of course the ruling clans, the unk-ba families, were hit worst by the invaders.  It is believed that every member of the unk-ba families was murdered.

Tybalt is one of the Gloveís newest waiters, so new in fact that Gideon is his first customer.  There is an immediate spark between the men.  Gideon takes advantage of their chemistry and asks Tybalt to move in with him right away.  Slowly but surely the men get to know each other as they spend time together.  Not only do their personalities mesh, Dominant to submissive, but the moments of intimacy between Gideon and Tybalt get stronger and stronger. Gideon doesnít know however that Tybalt holds an enormous secret inside.  A secret which could impact everyone at the Velvet Glove in more ways than anyone could realize.

The successful long running Velvet Glove series offers up another sensual, exciting story in Velvet Blade.  Readers will be hard pressed to put down Velvet Blade, itís just that good.  The main characters put their burgeoning relationship to the ultimate test when danger rears its ugly head and turns everyoneís world upside down.  As Gideon introduces naÔve Tybalt to the world of BDSM, readers will see the emotional attachment and love quickly become more powerful between them. Velvet Blade is sizzling of course, but more importantly, this is a heartwarming love story.  I have been a fan of this series since the beginning and hope that Velvet Blade isnít the final tale, but if it is, author Sean Michael is going out with a massive emotional bang.  I whole heartedly Joyfully Recommend Velvet Blade.


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