In The Dark by Brynn Paulin


Audio Book


ISBN: 978-1-907280-90-0

Reviewed by Tanya



Katherine has been hidden away for her entire life.  With a port-wine stain on her face, it is considered to be a mark of the devil in this superstitious time.  While she was hidden away she always had her family to visit and their secret passages in the castle to help her get around.  Now things have changed.

Calen the Black has returned from the Crusades and while he was a favorite of the King’s he might have been a little too much of a favorite of the ladies of the court.  So the king has awarded him the lands of the Wolf clan, who were wiped out by a plague.

While the castle is rumored to be haunted, Calen is determined to make it his new home.  Katherine is heartbroken to see all her family heritage destroyed but is more intrigued by Calen than anything else.  She sneaks into his chambers during the night to see where her feelings will lead her.  But, will she ever be willing to reveal her secret?  And will Calen cast her out as being in cahoots with the devil or will he cherish his woman of the dark?

In the Dark is a fast paced wonderful story about clashing beliefs during a turbulent time in history.  With plagues whipping out villages and belief systems under attack, I think Ms. Paulin has done a wonderful job of telling a story that I couldn’t wait to finish listening to.  I Joyfully Recommend In the Dark for any who are avid audio listeners or someone who wants to give it a try.

The reader that Total-E-Bound has chosen for their audio works is easily understood and with the British accent fantastic for the voice of Katherine, and the rest of the characters.


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