Force of Law by Jez Morrow

Torquere Press

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-916-3

Reviewed by Lisa



Itís been a long, lonely year, but Tom Russell is most definitely over his ex-lover, Wells Campbell.  He should have known that a grease monkey and a blue blood would never last, except Tom never expected Wells to disappear and not even say good-bye.

As CEO of Castille Diversified and cousin to Wells, Law Castille can have pretty much anything or anyone he wants.  On the surface what he wants is to embarrass some relatives at a family wedding.  But underneath it all Law has some plans that he will share with no one, at least for the moment.

When Tom and Law get together the air is combustible.  Tom thought heíd had enough of this moneyed family to last him a lifetime.  Too bad Law has other ideas and he wonít stop until Tom figures out exactly where he does belong.

Complex, bold, and primal, Force of Law grabs you by the throat and holds tight until the end.  Law is just that Ė a law unto himself as his actions have Tom spinning like a top.  I havenít read a contemporary M/M story so gripping and satisfying in quite a while.  The main characters are perfectly balanced for each other, the submissive personality of Tom and the ultra alpha in Law.  There are incredibly lusty, steam your glasses, erotic encounters between these men as well.  Force of Law is simply superb. I Joyfully Recommend Force of Law!


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