Dirty Little Secrets: Japanese Male Hosts-Erotic Anthology by Shiree McCarver


Contemporary, I/R, Paranormal

Reviewed by Patrice F.



“Rich Girls Cry Too”

Elizabeth Dickens is about to enter a marriage of convenience to please her father, and most important, to suppress the past.  When first love Yashiro Tezuka reappears on the scene, she’s pushed to make a choice about what she truly wants and is forced to battle the demons of her past to reevaluate her future.

This unconventional tale is ahead of its time and an ode to many possibilities.  Just when I thought there was no room to push the erotic fiction envelope and soar to new heights of understanding and the true meaning of what makes a soul mate, Shiree McCarver proves me wrong.  After reading this wonderful tale of hope, forgiveness, unconditional love and salvation, it feels oh, so good to be totally wide off the mark.  I simply refuse to reveal anything more about this story.  Enough said.


“Club Iridescence”

Ancient vampire, Nefera Hiraoka, must return to the place of her enslavement and exile, Japan, to save her eternal mate, Hiroshi.  The African huntress learns that her beloved is fatally wounded.  She challenges the edict of the Japanese vampire council by returning, and must appeal to the one who may prove to be more foe than ally.

Vampire eroticism meets paranormal intrigue in a tale of passion, family, and relationships.  Nefera, Hiroshi, and Manaka make it all happen in modern day Japan.  The long ties of their past bind them in a dark dance of lust, obsession, and duty.  I’m grateful the story ends warmly.  It’s a bit chatty at times, with very few surprises, and rather reminiscent of LA Banks on occasion, but all in all, I had no real complaints.  The world building and characterization was good, believable, and served the purpose of the plot.


“Sayonara Teacher”

It is time for Katie Jones to return to her former life after teaching abroad in Japan.  Sadly, she will go home a thirty-six year old virgin, pining for passion and love. When the shy African American instructor receives an invite to an exclusive club called Club Heaven, she is swept into the midst of ‘angels’ who know everything about pleasing a woman. It is one night of surrendering to her fantasies where she is taken to the heights of carnal bliss by a male host who knows the meaning of paradise.

The final story in this exotic anthology is sheer contemporary fantasy, where the classic character of the lonely spinster in an exotic locale is swept away by a romantic encounter that takes a walk on the wild side.  This was one delightfully steamy and sweet tale to touch the heart of anyone that has been Katie, knows her, and understands her.  No matter who you are, you’ll be cheering her on while wishing you where in her place!


Dirty Little Secrets is a progressive anthology of the times, where east meets west to take the reader in a new direction, and where love overcomes all obstacles of race, class, culture, and birth.  Sizzling, innovative, and provocative, this steamy triage of wickedly stormy stories will thrill you, kick start your heart, and force you to squeeze out a few sighs and tears.  It’s where Black women and Asian men come together in a jumble of lust, romance, and angst to find fulfillment and a taste of HEA.  Shiree McCarver actively pushes the limits of this genre with her creativity and insightful writing.  It’s an experience when any author lets their love show, and I’m pleased to say Ms. McCarver’s connection to her characters and their world is written on her introspective sleeve.  You don’t want to miss this original happily recommended compilation.


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