An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride

Loose Id

Science Fiction M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60737-512-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Known as Pasha the whore, his whole life is controlled by the pimp Uíshma.  He has no memory of his life prior to the auction five years ago when his first pimp bought him.

A prospective client purchases Pasha for the entire night, but when they get to a room the man introduces himself as Captain Griffin Hawke of the Royal Guard of Astrum.  The Captain is searching for the lost king of Astrum, missing for 5 years after their kingdom was overrun by another species.  The lost king of Astrum is Helios Dayspring, a hero who saved thousands of his people before disappearing.  Nowadays he is apparently known as Pasha the whore.

Not only does Griffin tell Pasha this unbelievable tale, but he also admits that the two were lovers for many years.  The people of Astrum have relocated to a rocky, barren planet hoping for the return of their king.  Pasha doesnít remember anything of a past as Helios, but that wonít stop Griffin from rescuing him now and taking him to their new home.  They will have to fight their way through spies, assassins, and turncoats because not everyone will be thrilled to have Helios back on the throne.  Griffin will do everything in his power to protect Helios as he slowly relearns just who he really is and what they are together.

An Uncommon Whore draws readers into this tale with a compelling storyline, well crafted characters, and a heady dose of eroticism.  Pasha/Helios is such a fascinating, wounded soul, while Griffin is an honorable soldier with a tender heart well hidden from everyone.  The Sci-Fi plot is inventive and believable, the secondary characters add greatly to bring An Uncommon Whore to life.  An Uncommon Whore skillfully blends action, suspense, and poignant surprises into a highly entertaining, sensual story.  I Joyfully Recommend An Uncommon Whore.  I didnít want this one to end.


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