Would-Be Witch by Kimberly Frost

Southern Witch, Book 1



ISBN: (10) 0425225771 (13) 978-0425225776

Reviewed by Amelia



Tammy Jo Trask comes from a long line of witches. Too bad the ability seems to have skipped a generation. Tammy Jo’s attempts at magic usually end in disaster, or at least a scorched yard and herb garden. But when the locket containing the family ghost is stolen she goes on the hunt, and uses a little magic in the process.

The locket is stolen in the midst of a crime spree in the small town of Duvall, Texas and the theft sets off a chain reaction of events that show Tammy Jo there’s more to life than meets the eye. It attracts the attention of Deputy Zach Sutton, Tammy Jo’s ex-husband whom she has an on-off relationship that is currently in the on mode.

It also attracts the attention of Bryn Lyons, an uber-sexy wizard that wants Tammy Jo for himself. The problem with that is Tammy Jo received a list from her family of things to avoid in life, and that list includes avoiding anyone named Lyons.


As the hunt for the locket continues Tammy Jo finds herself facing many challenges including the fact her magic may not be as dormant as it may seem. Now if she can just come out of this adventure alive, things will be terrific.


Would-Be Witch is the first book in the new Southern Witches series by Kimberly Frost and I have to say it left me wanting more. I adored Tammy Jo’s plucky behavior, from the first page where she doesn’t back down from her rival to the last, where she stands up for herself again.


Watching her interact with Zach was tender and I could see the love/hate relationship between them and understand its nuances. And the addition of sexy Bryn just made things hotter. The world in which our three main characters live is fun and full of interesting beings.


This tale was nonstop, from the first page to the last and when I was done I found myself pining to see what came next. That makes Would-Be Witch a definite Recommended Read for me.


Ms. Frost has penned the start of an interesting new series that is sure to win her many fans.


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