Untamed by Pamela Clare

MacKinnonís Rangers, Book 2


Sensual Historical

ISBN: 978-0843954890

Reviewed by Nannette



Morgan MacKinnon and his band of brothers are the MacKinnon Rangers. Forced to fight for the British, they became unrivaled warriors. In the heat of battle against the French, Morgan is nearly killed, then captured. The French nurse him back to health just to discover the secrets he holds.  Morgan should be Amalie Chauvenetís enemy, mainly because a Ranger killed her father in battle. She is forced to aid him, but her heart decides to care for him. Morgan and Amalie are in an impossible situation. War has made them enemies and Morgan is condemned to die. As battle rages around them, their desire to be together grows. Just when all seems hopeless, love prevails.

Surrounded by the lush backdrop of the historical wild frontier, Untamed is the extraordinary story of how Morgan and Amalie find a once in a lifetime love.  The pages are filled with danger, excitement, and suspense. Compelling characters, a seemingly impossible conflict, and one of the most magnificent men Iíve ever read about make Untamed unforgettable. Morgan is more warrior than gentleman. His masculinity is unrivaled.  Everything he says and does is sexy. Heís commanding, virile, and breathtakingly handsome. The circumstances that bring Morgan and Amalie together should eventually tear them apart, but instead, they create an intimacy between them that only intensifies. Amalie is innocent, beautiful, and passionate. Morgan changes her from an inexperienced young woman to a sexy siren.

Every moment they share is incredibly sensual and erotic. I fell in love with Morgan. Amalie is perfect in every way for him. Untamed is the ultimate angst-filled romance. The long-awaited sequel to Surrender is finally here, and it was worth the wait! Untamed is perfect. It surpassed my highest hopes for Morgan. I can hardly wait to read Connorís story next.


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