The Virtuous Vampire by Monette Michaels

A Gooden and Knight Mystery: Case File #1

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-514-5

Reviewed by Jo



Abigail Merriweather Gooden is a witch with a social status most would envy.  She is also a kick ass attorney who deals in clients from the preternatural world.  Her latest is a vampire who just happens to own a gentlemen’s club and is dating her mother.  When one of his dancers is murdered, of course her mother sends Jurnik to her.  But when he comes in for their first meeting, he brings someone in with him—someone Abigail cannot read.

Lucan Knight is a very powerful shifter who also happens to be a private detective.  When Jurnik hires him to find out who framed him for murder, of course he wants to know what attorney Jurnik will hire.  Lucan is attracted to Abigail when they meet, but he is not going to let out all his secrets because of it.

When Lucan and Abigail try to form a working relationship, it is marred a bit by the attraction they are both fighting.  It doesn’t help that Abigail’s assistant and her mother have decided that Lucan is just what she needs.  Working together and taking potshots at each other just helps turn the attraction into passion.  Their case takes a crazy turn when a nasty person in Abigail’s past appears and is somehow tied to their case. Will they be able to bring in the bad guy while keeping everyone safe?

Truly sad that the book is over.  That was my initial thought when I finished The Virtuous Vampire.  Abigail is a witch and a lawyer for the preternatural community around her.  Lucan is a shifter private detective who has much more in his background than just being able to become other animals.  Abigail and Lucan were on a collision course when a common client brought them together.  While both know that there was something more than attraction between them, both try to put it aside in order to help their client.  But love cannot be put on hold for crime or a past that won’t go away.  I absolutely cannot wait until the next case comes up for Abigail and Lucan.  I also fell for “the boys”— sorry you will just have to read the book.  The Virtuous Vampire has a great plot that weaves suspense, danger, humor, passion, and magic.  There was nothing that did not pull me in and keep me reading—all in one sitting.  Magic words like these just have to be a Joyfully Recommended Read.


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