St. Nacho’s by Z.A. Maxfield

Loose Id

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-829-7

Reviewed by Sabella



Cooper is well aware that he is not the best of people out there and while he has come to accept that hard truth Cooper, so far, has dealt with it by drifting and never staying in one place too long.  After all, no one benefits from knowing him, right?  But his arrival at Santo Ignacio has tenuously changed him in subtle ways that has made him stay longer than he has stayed anywhere for the last three years.  However, the town’s “healing nature” comes from the locals that adopt Cooper into their strange family and refuse to let him keep himself closed off – especially Shawn, the deaf busboy at the restaurant that Cooper is working at.

But Cooper has more issues than any of these nice people would understand and he doubts they would still like him if they knew what drives his wanderlust…But will Shawn’s perseverance break through Cooper’s shield enough to get Cooper to care enough to stay?

Shawn has been deaf for most of his life, but his natural cheer and friendliness has helped him build a pretty good life for himself.  He attends college, belongs to a theater group for deaf people and he has his job at Nacho’s Bar which brings him straight through Cooper’s path.  And once Shawn lays eyes on Cooper he knows that he wants him for keeps, but will he be able to convince Cooper to allow him close enough to love him as he deserves?

St. Nacho’s is by far one of the most entrancing and emotional romances I’ve read in a long time and Z.A. Maxfield has certainly cemented her place in the keeper shelf of all m/m fans that like their characters with depth of emotion along with bone-melting sex!  Cooper is a man tortured by past sins that he feels he must atone for by depriving himself of any meaningful contact with others, plus he is so socially awkward that he feels lost most of the time when interacting with others.  Yet Shawn, the charming deaf boy that refuses to back off will charm your socks off with his earnestness and implacable belief in Cooper and their potential as a couple.  I loved how Z.A. Maxfield managed to present a clear emotional picture of Cooper and Shawn without getting lost in the angst of it all, yet she pushes all the right buttons to pull you in and get involved in the outcome of Cooper and Shawn’s romance.  Although Cooper and Shawn make for one of the most unlikely couples, they strangely complement each other almost perfectly and fill each other’s empty spaces.  It was heartwarming to watch Shawn’s perseverance pay off in getting Cooper to not only open up, but also forgive himself his mistakes and brave the future looking for happiness with Shawn.  Cooper’s self-deprecating, yet honest introspections will capture your heart from the first page and keep you glued to your seat and turning the pages well into the night.  However, it must be noted that this story is told from a first person perspective, but don’t let that stop you from getting this book – Cooper is a wonderful narrator and Z.A. Maxfield makes him a powerful and emotional voice that is not to be missed!  Get yourself St. Nacho’s the next time you are in the mood for sensual and emotional story with great secondary characters, plot and the miracle of finding unlikely love – you will not be disappointed!


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