Sins of a Wicked Duke by Sophie Jordan



ISBN: 9780061570172

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Fallon OíRourke just canít seem to keep a job.  Her bold personality just canít help but come out and when it does, she gets sacked.  Deciding that men have it better, she disguises herself as a footman and gets a job.  But she didnít expect to be working for the man known as the Demon Duke, a man who once tried to lure her to his bed.

Dominic Hale feels empty and the only things that make him feel anything are reveling in the sins of gambling and loose women.  The only woman who has ever gotten under his skin is Fallon.  His new footman, Frank, also gets to him but he canít figure out why.  Something about Frank makes him reconsider the kind of man he is. 

The heat practically explodes off the page!  Sins of a Wicked Duke is one seriously hot book, with the relationship between Fallon and Dominic full of sizzling chemistry.  With a couple of twists to make the plot unpredictable, I really enjoyed Sins of a Wicked Duke.  The wonderful Sophie Jordan has another hit on her hands!


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