Self Preservation by Ethan Day

Loose id

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-59632-869-3

Reviewed by Ley



Even though they have been broken up for six years, Davis never thought he and Jack were completely over.  Davis always believed that they would find their way back to each other, until Jack called to tell him he was marrying someone else, someone he’s only known for two weeks. Davis couldn’t let that happen.

With the help of his best friend Deseree, Davis was determine to stop Jack from making the second biggest mistake of his life, the first one was breaking up with Davis to begin with. Going to Jack’s hometown for the wedding Davis’ not so well thought out plan does not go as he hoped thanks to Jack’s fiancé, architect Tadd Austin and Tadd’s best friend playboy Alex Parker.

I loved this story, absolutely adored it! Self Preservation was one of the best romantic comedies I have read in a long while. Davis is a sweet, very emotional, small town boy who with the help of his absolutely fabulous best friend Deseree under goes a makeover that would make the pope want him. Davis stole my heart; in actuality I loved all the characters in this story including Tadd, even though he was the reason for Davis’ broken heart. Self Preservation has some terrific one-liners that had me laughing throughout this story.  There were some surprises in Self Preservation, some moments I did not see coming, including the outcome.  This is the first story I have ever read from Ethan Day but it will not be the last. Mr. Day’s writing style and character development will definitely have me seeking out more of his work.  I highly recommend Self Preservation and know readers will love it.


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