Nice: Connection by GS Wiley

A Holiday Sip

Torquere Press

Contemporary (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Bryan has been limping along his life ever since Max died, but he has sort of found a balance since he started texting Max’s old cell number about a year ago.  However, when Bryan sends his traditional Christmas message to Max he gets something unexpected in return – an answer from a lady named Sarah.  So now Bryan has even lost his only contact with Max.  But when Sarah unexpectedly invites Bryan over for Christmas dinner Bryan gets an even bigger surprise in Sarah’s brother – a glimmer of a possibility which hadn’t been there since Max…

Nice: Connection is a wonderfully touching story about finding the possibility of love after mourning the tragic loss of a loved one.  Bryan has felt lost and incomplete since Max’s death, but most of all he has felt adrift and alone.  However, Bryan’s heartbreak is redeemed when we see him “wake-up” to life and see the possibilities once again.  Nice: Connection is a great read for all those who enjoy even the possibility of a romance that will leave you sighing at the end.


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