My Man Michael by Lori Foster

Berkley Romance

Contemporary, Time Travel

ISBN: 978-0-425-22626-2

Reviewed by Willow



In a heartbeat, Michael ďMalletĒ Manchesterís future was taken away from him. And in a heartbeat, Kayli Raine gave him a new one.

Mallet had the world in front of him. He was all set to compete for and win an SBC mixed martial arts title belt when a car crash changes everything. All of his dreams are crushed just like his leg. His pity party is interrupted by a woman who just pops into his hospital room with an unbelievable proposition. Not only is his body damaged but now his mind is playing tricks on him.  And on top of that, she affects him in a way no other woman ever has.

Kayli has come looking for a warrior to help train her defense squad. Her colony is in need of a stronger defense against a neighboring colony that is stealing the women. Kayli is certain that Michael Manchester is the one she is looking for. She can guarantee that he will be healed if he agrees to her proposition. She had not counted on his not believing her. How will she convince him to go with her?

After Kayli proves she is real, Michael plays along with her story on the condition that he gets a kiss from her. He may as well get something out of the whole situation when she canít accomplish what she said she can. Only, Kayli isnít delusional. And Michael gets more than he expects when Kayli does exactly what she promised. Her promise turns into so much more than either of them ever expected.

My Man Michael is an old-fashioned love story set in the new fashioned future. Michael is a prime example of extremely toned male flesh and is a very protective, macho kind of guy. Kayli is a very independent woman who has been brought up to think for herself.  They clash in a big way and the clash is so much fun to watch. My Man Michael is a sweet story with some definite hot spots and I Joyfully recommend it.


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