Mona Lisa Darkening by Sunny

Monére, Children of the Moon Series, Book 6

Berkley Trade

Erotic Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: (13) 978-0425226476; (10) 0425226476

Reviewed by Sabella



Mona Lisa is finally settling into her life in Louisiana as Queen of her territory, and while there have been many stumbling blocks in her path, life is finally settling down.  However, that only lasts until Mona Lisa sets to bask and share the life-renewing lunar rays with her people.  While basking, a dark shadow travels down along the moonlight and engulfs Mona Lisa taking her out of the realm of the living and drops her in the middle of NetherHell, a place few know about and that has no escape.  Not only that, this being the plane of the condemned has given the essence of Mona Luisa that Mona Lisa carries within her stronger than before – strong enough to take over Mona Lisa’s body.

Will Mona Lisa survive living in NetherHell?  She shares her body with Mona Luisa, she has been captured by a Gargoyle for breeding purposes, and there seems to be no escape back into Hell or the living realm.  But will the love of her men be strong enough to cross borders long ago sealed by the High Lord of Hell and the lines drawn within themselves of good versus evil?

Mona Lisa Darkening is a spectacular continuation of the Children of the Moon series that moves this series from interesting and enthralling to an extraordinarily riveting series that will hook you from the first book and always, always leaving you wanting for more of Mona Lisa and her motley family that she has created for herself.  In this installment, Sunny has done a masterful job in this book of delving into Mona Lisa’s depths and exploring her as a woman, as a queen and as a child of the moon – a Monère woman.  For the most part, this book is entirely about Mona Lisa and how she finally comes to terms with who she is, what she is becoming and what she means to those around her – but it’s not until she almost loses it all that she realizes how much she loves being who she is – a Monère Queen.  I must admit that I loved this book so much that I felt cheated when I turned the last page and there was no more to read, leaving me anxiously awaiting for the next installment of this spectacular series.  Mona Lisa Darkening is an incredible book that will hook you into the fantastic universe that Sunny has created for the Monère and the rich characters that inhabit this wonderful landscape.  Do get yourself Mona Lisa Darkening as it is an action packed book that is bound to make you a fan of Sunny and the Children of the Moon series!


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