Mexican Heat by Laura Baumbach and Josh Lanyon

Crimes & Cocktails, Book 1

Samhain Publishing

Erotic M/M Suspense

ISBN 978-1-60504-380-7

Reviewed by Nannette



Gabriel Sandalini is an undercover vice cop working for crime lord Ricco Botelli. Imagine Gabrielís surprise when the anonymous and amazing guy he had a one night stand with the night before turns out to be Miguel Ortega, powerful drug lord Don Jesus Sanchezís right hand man. Botelli is marrying his sister Gina to Sanchez. Now Gabriel will have to work with Ortega and pretend the sex between them never happened, which is hard to do when it was the best sex of his life. Gabriel doesnít do emotion, so it should be no problem. His undercover position demands that he stay focused.  Problem is, Gabriel is too focused on Ortega and Ortega is taking full advantage. Everything is not what it seems in this world of crime he has entangled himself in. Gabriel may need the help of his enemy to survive.

Mexican Heatís heart-pounding action becomes heart-warming emotion by the end. Its two parts blend perfectly to make one outstanding story.  Gabriel is very guarded and yet Ortega sees right through him. He sees what Gabriel wants and maybe more importantly, what he needs. He pushes Gabriel, which is how, in part two, he won my heart. His unwavering loyalty and love for Gabriel is awe-inspiring. Mexican Heat is action-packed, thrilling, and full of twists and turns. It has very hot sex, intense emotion, and an angst-filled romance. Josh Lanyon and Laura Baumbach have penned a story that is impossible to put down until its dramatic ending. Once done, itís impossible to stop thinking about. Iím looking forward to more from this dynamic duo.  


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