Kiss of Fate by Deborah Cooke

Dragonfire, Book 3

Signet Eclispe


ISBN: 978-0-451-22616-7

Reviewed by Jo



Eileen Grosvenor woke up from a strange dream with wet hair and lily weeds in it.  However Eileen is scared of the water and would never go swimming in a river or pond.  This dream was even stranger as she seemed to know the man that reached out to her – one she has never seen before.   Dreams put into the background, Eileen is running out of time on her project of tracking down the roots of a legend that she is trying to trace.  One that tells of a maiden, a dragon and a doomed love.

Erik Sorensson is the leader of the Pyr dragons.  On the new eclipse he meets with the Pyr to see who will be meeting their mate this time.  Imagine his surprise when it’s him and he recognizes something from his past in the woman pictured.  Not sure he wants a second chance, Erik knows he can’t ignore the firestorm but how it is fulfilled is the question.

Eileen and Erik come together over an ancient relic that both the Pyr and the Slayers want – for very different reasons.  Danger follows them through the English countryside and further into the States.  Erik needs to keep both Eileen and the relic safe from harm even at the risk of himself.  Eileen knows she needs to save Erik and is ready to risk her heart in order to do so.  When the final decisions and battles are raged can Erik and Eileen find the trust and love to finish on top?

After losing everything, can a Dragon really believe in a second chance?  Kiss of Fate concerns the leader of the Pyr, Erik, and we learn his past and his future.  Eileen has been having strange dreams, not only of a lover but also of a much loved baby son.  Strange since she is divorced and has no children.  Erik lost every loved one in his life long ago and never expected to be given another shot.    At first I couldn’t believe how cold Erik seemed on getting a mate.  But as the story unfolded I learned that it was pure fear in hoping to believe all he wanted would not be lost again.  Eileen had so much to overcome and I think the smallest part of that was learning that Erik could shift into a dragon.  I watched and read as Eileen faced terror, fears, love and loss only to have more than that in gains by reaching out with her heart.  At the same time Erik dealt with fear of hope and more loss, not to mention more powerful Slayers.  When Eileen and Erik finally came together and reached out for their future it was perfect not to mention hot.  No other words seem to describe it.  I felt the love they captured and knew nothing would tear them apart and the Pyr would be stronger for it.

Kiss of Fate dramatically moves along the storyline while telling Erik and Eileen’s love story.  The deep emotions are felt from the first meeting until the last page.  Ms. Cooke’s latest Dragonfire book is one I have to Joyfully Recommend as one that you won’t want to miss.   I cannot wait until the next Dragonfire book.


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