In Service by Mima

Loose Id

Sci-Fi, LGBT, Polyamorous

ISBN: 978-1-59632-773-3

Reviewed by Zayn



Malla is still a server in training when a call comes in that Luo team Epsilon 983, is in dire need of a server.  Servers provide Luo teams with human energy via sexual contact and when Malla takes a look at their profiles she is eager to help.  Epsilon 983 is made up of Shon, Grady, Vel and Kor, and Malla falls in love with them instantly.  Her feelings are returned by all but the team leader, Shon.

Each Luo has a special gift and Shon's gift is the most dangerous of all.  Shon is a berzerker and when the Fury is upon him he decimates all in his path.  Living in constant fear of harming his team members, Shon keeps himself under a tight leash.  He is especially careful around Malla.

Malla does not fear Shon— at all.  Not even when she finally experiences his loss of control.  Grady, Vel and Kor do not take Shon's lapse so lightly and Shon himself is horrifed and devasted. Is this the end of this quintet, forever?

There is a lot going on—a war with dangerous creatures, a deadly rescue mission and most entertaining, the fall of four very different warriors for one incredible server.  In Service blew my mind.   The eroticism was matched only by the depth of love shared between Malla and Epsilon 983. In Service is exciting action, scorching sex and enduring romance—extraordinary.


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