Hopeís Folly by Linnea Sinclair

3rd book of Gabrielís Ghost Universe


Bantam Books

ISBN: 978-0-553-59218-4

Reviewer: Melissa



Betrayed by those he trusted, Admiral Philip Guthrie is now a rebel against his own government. A government that has betrayed him and killed some of the best commanders heís ever known, using him to bait the trap. Sub-Lieutenant Rya Bennton has nothing left to lose, her father was one of the commanders who lost their life in the trap and sheís determined to do whatever it takes to protect Philip from an assassin who is hiding on Hopeís Folly. Rya has been in love with Philip since she was a child and Philip finds himself greatly attracted to the woman Rya has become, however he tries to remind himself constantly of the age difference. But with the universe spinning out of control and danger seemly on every side will Philip allow passion to bloom between them? If he does take a chance Rya and Philip may find that what they have is more than just passion.

I grabbed Hopeís Folly as soon as it became available, I canít get enough of the world that Linnea Sinclair has created with her Gabrielís Ghost series. I couldnít wait to find out what story she created for Philip and couldnít have been more excited to get my hands on this book. Action, adventure with just the right mix of romance make Hopeís Folly another book for my keeper shelf!

I discovered the book that started this series, Gabrielís Ghost a few years ago from an epublisher and was enthused to discover that Bantam had picked up the series.  With three books now published, I know that Iíll be watching to see what Ms. Sinclair give us next! Hopeís Folly and the whole Gabrielís Ghost series are definite Recommended Reads!!


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