Echo of Distant Thunder by Philippa Grey-Gerou and Emery Sanborne

Arcana Ancien, Book 1

Liquid Silver


ISBN: 978-1-59578-468-1

Reviewed by Amelia



Graeme Shepherd has settled into his new life as a college professor, happy to leave his old life of magic behind. He has a new lover, Professor Diana Glendower, and they are a perfect match in every way. Things are going fantastic, until an old lover of Graemeís appears and upsets everything with some startling news.

Peter Oberon is less than thrilled when he receives a message from the Acolytes of Taranis to deliver to Graeme: give us the vessel and everything will be fine. Peter travels to Philadelphia to find Graeme only to discover his former lover has no idea what the acolytes want.

The three join forces to try and discover the truth, and in the process they become lovers. And when Diana is kidnapped Graeme and Peter must work together to save her, or she may face a fate worse than death.

Full of richly drawn characters and exciting situations, Echo of Distant Thunder is the first book in the Arcana Ancien series and it left me wanting more. Graeme and Diana were perfect together and adding Peter to the mix spiced up things to perfection.

I enjoyed the fact this book had realism in it, and situations that were not always sweet and light. But the characters faced them head on, and didnít back down. That endeared them to me and made me care about them, which brought my reading experience to life.

The magical elements in this book are wonderfully portrayed; couple that with three strong, likeable characters and the action kept me turning the pages to see what was next. Iím always on the lookout for new authors, and am glad I discovered Ms. Grey-Gerou and Ms. Sanborne. They tight writing and fantastic story combine and I Joyfully Recommend Echo of Distant Thunder to lovers of magic, romance and action.


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