Coyote’s Mate by Lora Leigh

Coyote Breeds, Book 2



ISBN: 978-0425226339

Reviewed by Jo



Anya Korbin worked with the Coyote Ghost for six years trying to free her friends, the coyote breeds in the lab that she worked in.  During that time she trusted that everything she had been told was real, became close, and attracted to the man helping her, that is until the night the lab was liberated and the breeds were let go.  That night the ghost (Del Ray) betrayed her trust and broke one of the main promises to her.  Now Anya is a captive of Del Ray’s and trying to fight what her heart is feeling.

Del Ray Delgato has worked hard for many years and has gather a group of trusted men – Coyote Breeds to help release other coyote breeds that come to his attention.  One day, six years ago, a spunky and young girl came to him for help.  Between them over the last six years they formulated a plan and got rid of any personnel that might be a problem to the rescue.  Del Ray knew from the minute he met Anya that she would be his mate and that he would betray her trust.

Now Anya is Del Ray’s Coya – if unofficial at the moment.  Both are working hard to get the Coyote Breeds aligned with the other breeds and to set up the Coyote home base.  But trust is hard to get and keep, not only with the various coyotes merging together but also between Anya and Del Ray.  Misunderstandings, mistrust and suspected further betrayals place Anya in serious danger and begin to drive a wedge between everyone.  Has it gone too far for Anya and Del Ray’s dream to come true, which includes them as sworn mates?

Stunned, absolutely stunned.  My reaction after finished the last page of Coyote’s Mate.  Anya trusted Del Ray with the fate of her friends and during that time grew more and more attracted to him.  Del Ray knew from the very first meeting between that Anya would be his if all went well.  I knew from previous books that the coyote breeds were mistrusted and soon found out that really they were misunderstood.  As I watched both Anya and Del Ray fight for the coyote breeds while coming to terms with being mates, I saw warmth, hot sexual tension and deep hurt.  There were several places where I wanted to tell Del Ray to get a clue.  In a couple of places I was even brought to tears over the way things were turning out, however Ms. Leigh never disappoints her readers and I was hopeful.  By the end of the book, I was overwhelmed by how Del Ray and Anya came together and how the other coyote breeds learned to trust each other.

The soul touching emotions that Ms. Leigh placed within the cover of Coyote’s Mate raised it to the top of my favorite breed books and that was not easy.  I even ended up re-reading the entire book a second right after finishing it the first time just because I was afraid I might have missed something.  Coyote’s Mate is an absolute must read and not to be missed.  In fact, I made it a Joyfully Recommended because I think everyone should read about Anya and Del Ray.


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