Camp Hell by Jordan Castillo Price

JCP Books

Erotic M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0-9818752-5-5

Reviewed by Nannette



Victor Bayne is a level five medium. He sees dead people. Life has been okay for him since he left Camp Hell - the place where mediums are trained. Vicís a detective now and heís got a great boyfriend, fellow detective, Jacob Marks. Recently, Vic discovered that he doesnít exist in any records, so he starts to dig into his past. What he finds isnít making him feel better. In fact, itís making him feel worse. Heís being watched, but by who and why?  Who can he trust? And what if they decide they donít want to watch him anymore? What if they want him gone?


Camp Hell rocks! Captivating characters and a compelling storyline keep the pages turning fast. The spooky ghosts, creepy villains, hot, hot sex, and fantastic dry humor are unbeatable. I adore Vic. The only thing I love as much as Vic is Vic with Jacob. Jacob is smart, muscled, and sexy. He gets Vic, he accepts him, and he adores him. When heís not marking him, heís staring adoringly at him. Vic is unobtrusively amazing. Heís not always quick on the uptake, but heís undeniably cool and his ability to see dead people is wicked. The fact that heís covered in Jacobís hickeys, bruises, and love bites makes him even more appealing. Jacob and Vic are so damn sexy in bed.  They get hotter and hotter every time. Camp Hell could only be created by the slightly tweaked mind of a very talented author. Iím a huge fan of Jordan Castillo Priceís work, and Camp Hell is just one reason why. 


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