Between The Sheets by Robin Wells


Grand Central Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-446-61841-0

Reviewer: Melissa



Emma Jamisonís life was destroyed in one moment when she was mistaken for the call girl who gave the President Elect a fatal heart attack. Vilified in the press and with the Secret Service covering up their role in the scandal preventing her from clearing her name, she has no choice but to return to the small town where her grandmother lives to try and start over. She never expects to meet Max Duval. Maxís grandfather and Emmaís grandmother are becoming involved, something that puts Max and Emma even closer together. Only Max is running for office and the last thing he needs is the scandal that Emma brings with her. Can he still win the election and have Emma? Is there anyway that they can clear Emmaís name from the lies being spread?

Talk about a laugh out loud good time! Between The Sheets had me giggling one moment and sighing the next. Filled with romance and humor, the fun just kept coming from one page to the next! Iím always looking for a book that leaves me with that wonderful feeling of YES! And Robin Wells hits a home run with this story. I canít recommend it enough!


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