A Vampireís Claim by Joey W. Hill

Berkley Vampire Series, Book 3

Berkley Heat

Vampire Erotic/BDSM

ISBN:  9780425226087

Reviewed by Jambrea



Devlin spots a woman too good to be true, but takes her up on an offer for a night of passion anyway.  Dev figures heíll head back to the bush after his evening of lust, but a bad feeling has him following her to make sure she survives the journey home.

Lady Daniela headed home to take back what belongs to her.  Being born a vampire it should be easy to take back what is hers because born vampires are  revered in her world, but someone stands in her way. 

When she meets Devlin there is a pull and she marks him in case she wants to find him again, resisting the urge to claim him as her full servant. When he rescues her, the two go on a journey of discovery and retribution. 

Will Lady Daniela claim the man as hers?  Will she give him a choice or will it be taken away from her?

A Vampireís Claim had me in its thrall. Joey W. Hill pulled me in and didnít let me go until the bitter end and even then I wanted more.  This is the third book in the series, but the first one Iíve read.  I was not confused in the least and enjoyed A Vampireís Claim from the first word.  Ms. Hill didnít pull punches with her vampires.  She is upfront with the violence these creatures hold.  I think that is one of the things I loved.  Too many vampire stories focus on making the creatures something they arenít.  Ms. Hill let me know right away that the vampires will kill and it wasnít going to be some bad guy to make them feel better.  The innocent arenít protected in some code the vampires have.  They are ruthless, but there is something about them that makes you want more. 

Daniela is still young for a vampire and judged like a teen or young adult by her peers.  Sheís grown since she left home and has a lot to prove. Devlin has his own dark past that he keeps to himself, making him feel like he only wants to die.  Daniela brings something out in Dev that he thought he lost - the urge to protect.

There are a couple of forced scenes in A Vampireís Claim, but it isnít something that is just thrown in the story to be there.  It is a necessary part of the book because it shows the true vampire nature.  They are sexual, raw and ruthless when needed.

A Vampireís Claim built me up from the meeting between Daniela and Dev to the end of the story and I Joyfully Recommend that everyone should sink their teeth into A Vampireís Claim.



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