As Shadows Fade by Colleen Gleason

The Gardella Vampire Chronicles, Book 5


Historical Paranormal

ISBN: 978-0451226327

Reviewed by Jambrea



Sebastian Vioget and Max Pesaro both hold a place in Victoriaís heart, but she has made her choice on which man is for her. Now she needs to convince them both or her convictions.

The men arenít her only problem. Demons are rising and Victoria needs all the strength she can get to fight them. She must turn to her enemy for help, but will the price be too high?

As Shadows Fade is the perfect ending to a wonderful series.  It makes me want to cry that this is the last Gardella Vampire story. Victoria has grown through the whole series and I enjoyed following her journey. I love a strong woman and Victoria gives me that and more.

Poor Max really didnít know what hit him and really should just learn to listen to Victoria. His struggles to keep her safe made my heart warm and tingly.  Sebastian has grown some through the series as well and it hurt me to see his heart broken, but in the end he is strong and I love the bad boy even more.

As Shadows Fade had me on the edge of my seat and is by far my favorite of the Gardella series so I am Joyfully Recommending everyone take a stab at this book.  Thank you Colleen Gleason for leaving me with a great sense of happiness and just a sad tinge of loss as the series fades to the shadows.


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