Twin Games by Tonya Ramagos
The Heroes of Silver Springs Book 2
Siren Publishing
Romantic Suspense/Ménage
ISBN: 1-933563-82-6
Reviewed by Tanya




Angelina has just inherited the Keaton Municipal Airport from her late Uncle.  She is afraid that her running it will be another career disaster for her like her last two ventures.  But, her mother and sister have other ideas and do all they can to encourage her.  Suddenly there appears to be someone that doesn’t want her to be successful from sabotage to bombs someone seems intent on making her sell.  Only one thing seems to be going right in her life.  She met one super hot guy at the local Sex Shop and wonders if this just might be the release she needs.

Firefighter Jason Graham loves to play sex games and fantasies.  But, recently he hasn’t found anyone that really peaks his interest.  That is until he runs into Angelina. One kiss with her and he is thinking about other things than just his job.  There are fires that he and Angelina make together that he knows just how to fan.

When the accidents at Angelina’s airport suddenly get more serious, the FAA and the FBI are called in.  When supposedly vacationing FBI Agent Jackson Graham heads home he knows it will be for a little R and R as well as some investigation work into this airport issue.  What he doesn’t expect is to find himself in the middle of a game between his brother and Angelina.  Normally straight-laced Jackson decides playing along just this once could be fun.

But, what will happen if Angelina falls in love?  Will the man she falls in love with be able to support and love her the way she needs, or will she just be someone to play sex games with?  More importantly will she survive the attacks on her airport, and her family?

Oooh Baby! Twin Games is one smokin’ hot story.  Ms. Ramagos has a willing combination here, a strong independent woman, a sexy firefighter and then she threw in a conservative twin. Did I mention identical, hot twin?  Adding fuel to that fire is the danger that seems to be stalking Angelina.  I found Twin Games to be very well written, including not only a strong plot line but  as well some super spicy, and funny, erotic sex scenes.  I have quickly fallen in love with the Silver Springs folk and hope to read more about their firemen (and women).  Twin Games is definitely one of my Joyfully Recommended reads this spring.


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