Sweeter Than Wine by Bianca DíArc
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-682-5
Reviewed by Jo




Sebastian is an old vampire who has friends across the paranormal world.  He sees no difference in whether the person is another vampire, a were, a fey, human, or something different all together.   Sebastian has wanted to find his One and has hopes now that several of his vampire friends have recently found their One.  Amazingly, Sebastian is attracted to a woman he met at one of the weddings, but she was married, and to Sebastian, honor is more than just a word.  Christina (Christy) Kinsey wakes up in the hospital unsure what exactly happened, but she is told that her husband killed her by abuse and she was saved by the man she met at her friendís wedding.  Christy has a lot to learn, but she instinctively trusts Sebastian for some reason.  It doesnít hurt that she is intensely attracted to him, too.

Sebastian takes on Christy's teaching about her new life and her new powers gratefully.  He requests and gets the help of other paranormal friends to assist Christy in discovering all her new life has to offer.  Christy and Sebastian are determined that Christy will never have to worry about being harmed by anyone ever again.  While finding out about Christyís husband, it is discovered that another and worse threat is on the horizon.  It will take Sebastian, Christy, and all of the goodwill and friendship he has gathered throughout the years to conquer the new threat. 

I love books that combine my favorite subjects all together: paranormal, suspense, and hot erotic sex.  Sweeter Than Wine does just that in such a way that you're desperate to know what is going to happen next.  Christy has faced the worse by being beaten to death by the man to whom she was married.  Sebastian knows Christy is special when he meets her, but does not realize her place in his life until he arrives at the hospital one night just in time to save her.  I watched as Sebastian put his needs aside so Christy could find the strength she needed.  I also saw the wonder Christy discovered in the love she found with Sebastian and the deep friendship with those around him.  Besides the loving relationship between Christy and Sebastian, I was totally engaged in the danger that brought many, many different paranormals together to work towards defeating a common enemy.  Sweeter Than Wine will take you on an erotic and loving journey, which has an element of danger that will make you fear a happy ending might not be coming.  Never fear, though. The ending is totally worth finishing the book for, and if you are like me, it will leave you hoping and wishing for the next story.  Yep, I want Mattís story now.   When I read a book sometimes, I can just tell when it has the something extra that makes it a must read. Sweeter Than Wine is one of those books and for me, itís a Joyfully Recommended Read.


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