Setting by Rob Knight
Facets, Book 3
M/M, Contemporary, Tattoo
ISBN: 978-1-60370-240-9, 1-60370-240-7
Reviewed by Raine




Paul finds himself on the doorstep to Six and Jules’ apartment, only to find they no longer live there. Feeling rejected he heads for the tattoo parlor to see if he can find them and if they want him around. Finding out they’ve been evicted due to non-payment of their rent, Paul offers to help them find a new place and help them manage their bills. When they take him up on his offer, Paul is offered a dream come true.

Rob Knight does it again in Setting in the telling of love between three men. What an amazing writer to pull together such an equal relationship between Six, Jules and Paul. I fell in love with Paul and his awe for the two men he finds in his life.  Setting is the final book in the Facets series. I Joyfully Recommend reading Setting and the Facets series.


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