Right Here, Right Now by HelenKay Dimon
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0-7582-2223-7
Reviewed by Tanya




Gabby is planning to take things to the next level with super hunky nerd Reed the night the big buffoon calls off their relationship.  She is stunned and when he says that it is due to the fact he needs more excitement.  Excuse me.  Well, about the time she poured her wine over his head, she could almost see straight again.

Reed can’t believe the fire in the little woman, and an accountant at that.  Hmm, and where was his back up when he was being assaulted in a nice restaurant? Probably laughing himself into a stupor.  Now that he though that he had needed backup anyway.  It was more like someone just spying on his conversations.  Well, he did his job. He kept her safe while gathering intel that she wasn’t involved in anything shady.  Now he is really in a bind, as he is told she is still his assignment and he needs to get back together with her.  How is he going to do that?  It was hard enough avoiding her with that wide smile and those shapely curves.  Heck, his partner refers to her as “Legs”.  Can he even grovel enough to get her to take him back?

Well, if she takes him back, it will be on her terms, and if he brings food, all the better.  But why does he never seem to be at work?  Her co-workers at the secret branch of the government don’t think he is all on the up and up.  What will happen when he starts to think the same thing about her co-workers?

When you sit down to read Right Here, Right Now, you need to be prepared.  First, you need a box of tissues, so that when you start laughing so hard you cry, you are all set.  Second, you don’t want any soda or milk near you. You so don’t want to repeat those laughing so hard soda or milk comes out your nose incidents, do you? 

Ms. Dimon takes a super-humorous look at the world of business intrigue and just how funny some of it could be, looking in from the outside.  She has created a group of loveable, funny characters (I would love to see Doug get his own story) and with winning dialogue has made a story that I can’t wait to recommend to everyone I know.  After repeatedly telling my husband why I was laughing out loud he said “I guess that one will be Joyfully Recommended”, and I wouldn’t want to disappoint him.  Therefore Right Hear, Right Now is Joyfully Recommended and I look forward to Ms. Dimon’s next book!


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