Rebel by Marie Treanor
Rogue Warriors, Book 1
Changeling Press
Fantasy - Shapeshifters Romance
ISBN: 978-1-59596-913-2
Reviewed by Tanya




Crina is a half Dragul (shape shifting dragon being) and half-human hybrid.  This has led to some tough situations growing up.  She has matured much faster than other Draguls, reaching her sexual awareness in her 30ís versus the normal 50ís.  But some people, okay, her father, refuse to see this.  When she is dragged along on a diplomatic mission to Dome City, she just might be put in a position to have her father see just how grown up she is; that is, if she survives.

Jake is a soldier, he will always fight for what he thinks is right.  That has always gotten him in trouble, and in fact, has now branded him as an outlaw.  But he knows that what he is doing is right.  Jake and his followers kidnap Crina, to make the Ministry see that the rebels mean business.  What he doesnít count on is the feelings he finds himself having for Crina, and the compassion she seems to have for his cause and his people.

Can they trust each other and their feelings to try and make things right?  More importantly, will Jake trust Crina and her people and disregard the propaganda from the Ministry?

Rebel is a fantastic story about a future Earth, with multiple creatures as well as a strong hero and heroine. Also did I mention the super hot sex? If I didn't, I should have. Ms Treanor took this fast-paced story and set everything up so that you quickly delve into the Earth of her imagination knowing what is going on as well as feeling a connection with the characters. Because of this, I cannot wait for future books written about this world and feel compelled to Joyfully Recommend this story to others.


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