No Compromise by Rochelle Alers
Kimani Press Arabesque
African American
ISBN: 9-780373-83018-3
Reviewed by Indy




With an intimate knowledge of how the lives of women can be destroyed at the hands of men in the name of love, Jolene Walker has dedicated her life to helping those women begin new lives. The executive director of a renowned facility and working on an important project that would allow her to expand her vision to include a new safe house, the last thing Jolene has time for is a love life. Sometimes fate takes decisions out of your hands and a chance meeting with Michael Kirkland shows her thereís plenty of room for love after all. On leave from the military, Michael didnít expect to meet the woman he knows will be the love of his life but heís unwilling to let the beautiful woman get away from him. Using the skills and discipline taught to him by his father, family and the military, Michael slowly and methodically breaks down Joleneís barriers.

As Jolene and Michael make headway in their relationship, a new client of hers brings danger with her. In D.C. there are people with secrets and those willing to pay to make sure their secrets stay hidden. Michael will have to use all his training and power in order to keep the woman he loves safe from those who would gladly see her out of the picture.

As a longtime fan of Rochelle Alers, Iíve been in love with the Hideaway Legacy series for over ten years, from the first story with Parris and Martin to my favorite story starring Joshua Kirkland and Eve. No Compromise is a story about the son of Joshua, a successful soldier trying to determine what to do with the rest of his life. Meeting a woman with a passion for those in need, these two make a perfect power couple from their cultured personalities to their shared need to remain in charge. Michael is definitely his fatherís son, lethal and protective of the woman he loves. One of the constants in a Rochelle Alersí books is the commanding men she creates and the women who are all matches made in heaven. Readers who enjoy ďseeingĒ as they read will love the way Ms. Alers paints a view of the people and places in this story. She is always meticulous in her glowing descriptions and makes it easy to see through her eyes. I always feel as if Iíve gotten a taste of the good life when I read her books and No Compromise is no exception. She is a true expert in the genre of romance. Her men honor their wives, cherish their children and failure is not an option. These reasons and more are why I Joyfully Recommend No Compromise for the month of March.  


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