Madameís Deception by Renee Bernard
The Mistress Trilogy, Book 1
Pocket Books
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-4165-2421-2
Reviewed by Annmarie




Jocelyn Tolliver grew up thinking her mother an extremely successful London couturier.   Jocelyn, a bookish young woman, grew up at exclusive European boarding schools.  When she learns her mother is dying, Jocelyn ventures to London for the first time to be by her motherís bedside.  There she learns that her mother is the madame of Londonís elite bordello, the Crimson Belle.  She promises her mother on her deathbed that she will run the bordello and care for the ladies who work there.  Thus, Jocelyn becomes Madame DeBourcier.

Alex Randall, Lord Colwick, is one of the few men in London to have met the reclusive Madame DeBourcier face to face.  Alex has been unable to purge the memory of the beautiful madame from his memory.  Tempting Madame DeBourcier into becoming his lover becomes Alexís focus.  When danger threatens the women of the Crimson Belle, Alex will do whatever he must to protect them all, especially the Madame DeBourcier.

Madameís Deception by Renee Bernard is shiverlicious!  I loved the whole virginal madam aspect of the plot.  I adored the handsome and determined Alex Randall.  The secondary characters were engaging as well.  When their hearts were broken, mine was too.  A captivating plot, charismatic characters and sexy, tingle-worthy romance, Madameís Deception is fantastic!  


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