Hot Ticket by K.A. Mitchell
Serving Love
Samhain Publishing
Gay Contemporary
ISBN: 1-59998-863-1
Reviewed by Cassie




Waiter Cade isnít too happy about having to do community service sorting recyclables out of garbage.  Since he received it for vandalizing his cheating exís car, however, he doesnít have much choice.  The very first day, he spots a ticket envelope in the garbage.  Heís thrilled when he sees whatís inside, but not as pleased when the guy working across from him tries to claim the tickets.

Straight-laced Elliot has never gotten into trouble for anything before.  After buying his sister a gift that unfortunately turned out to be stolen, heís sentenced to community service.  On his first day, he gets the incredible luck of finding tickets to a concert heís dying to go to.  Cadeís not too keen on giving up both tickets, though.  Will Elliot convince him to give up the ticket, or will he discover thereís something else he wants more?

Simply put, Hot Ticket is a great book!  Nonconformist, secretly insecure Cade was easy to empathize with, as was earnest, innocent Elliot.  Elliotís determination to get the second ticket and Cadeís determination to make him work for it end up becoming something more.  The differences between the two men make their journey to love bumpyósometimes emotional and sometimes funny.  Obstacles pop up along the way for Cade and Elliot to overcome, of course, and I loved watching the two of them grow as they did so.  KA Mitchell did a fabulous job creating a storyline that was simple yet engaging, with great characters that I couldnít help but like and hot, hot love scenes.  I devoured Hot Ticket in one sitting because I couldnít stop reading.  Iím happy to Joyfully Recommend Hot Ticket, and Iíll definitely be checking out Ms. Mitchellís other books ASAP! 


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