Highlander Unchained by Monica McCarty
Ballantine Books
Historical Romance/ Scottish Highlands
ISBN: 978-0345494382
Reviewed by Tanya




Flora MacLeod is past the age where many of her peers have married.  But one of the reasons for that is that she wants to avoid the fate of her mother.  Her mother had multiple husbands, all of whom were not chosen for her and kept her from the things she really enjoyed doing.  So Flora has set out to marry Lord Murray who she can wrap around her finger. He is rather a simpering fop, but a friend.  On the night they sneak away to elope, they are set upon by bandits and Flora is kidnapped.

Lachland MacLean is desperate. His brother has been held by the king, and it appears the only way he can get him out is to marry the Hollyrood Hellion aka Flora, but he must make it her choice to marry.  Add to this one of Floraís step-brothers and Lachlandís enemy have taken control of his castle, forcing him and many of his followers to be living elsewhere and he is really not having a good time.  After he kidnaps Flora, he is surprised how attracted to her he is.

When Flora fits right in with his clan, it is interesting to figure out who is more surprised.  But when she finds out the truth, will it costs them both the happiness they want and deserve?

Wow!  Lachlan is one man I would not kick out of my bed; at least if he looks and acts like Ms. McCarty describes him.  I was sucked into this third chapter in the MacLeodís of Sky trilogy just as quickly as I was on the first.  You know how sometimes by the third book an author appears to be tired of the characters and it is not as gripping as the first book? Well Highlander Unchained is not one of these stories.  Ms. McCarty did a wonderful job in describing the hardships, as well as some of the historical details of the times, and built a strong story, plot and characters.  I can hardly wait for her next story to come out.  In the meantime, I Joyfully Recommend Highlander Unchained.


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