For Love of Etarin by Naomi Brooks & Angelia Sparrow
Elloraís Cave Publishing
Futuristic Romance
ISBN: 9781419914294
Reviewed by Lisa




A spacer by trade, Ruvane Delkroy travels the stars in his ship Grania hauling freight.  Lately heís been working for Skrit, a lizard-type being on the planet Flist.

On one of his trips, Skrit gives Ruvane a slave, a eunuch for the night as a reward for a fast freight trip.  Etarin was born a slave, has no last name, neutered at his masterís will and is given to whomever each night.

Ruvane is the first decent person that Etarin has ever met.  Something ignites between the two, something so special it is indescribable.  Now they must each make choices, take steps to an unknown future, if they are willing to take a chance on wishes, hope and love.

For Love of Etarin is a sci-fi romance of love between two men who donít even know that love is possible.  Authors Naomi Brooks & Angelia Sparrow have melded a futuristic story and a romance together beautifully.  The universe they live in, Ruvaneís unshakable belief in finding his destiny and the evolution of Etarin pulled a chord with me and I fell for these two guys.  For Love of Etarin has excitement, tenderness and dreams coming true. I Joyfully Recommend it.


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