Diplomacy by Zahra Owens
Dreamspinner Press
M/M Contemporary
ISBN: 978-0-9801018-7-4
Reviewed by Ley




Denying a huge part of himself was starting to become difficult for Jack Christensen.  From the moment he realized he was gay back in high school, Jack pushed those feelings deep down inside and never acknowledged them again.  His life was were he wanted it, a career diplomat newly appointed US Ambassador posted in Europe, and he was married to a beautiful intelligent woman, such feelings had no place in his life and he never had issues controlling them until he met Lucas.

Lucas Carlton, an engaged British Liaison to the American Embassy, invaded Jackís world and made him feel and want things he thought were never an option for him.  Lucas knows what it mean to deny yourself for the sake of a career, heís quite aware of political social status but Jackís presence had the same effect on him. Unable to control their feelings the two began an affair unleashing a passion they have never felt for another human being.  Jack and Lucas know the risks they are taking to be together are great and soon they have to decide if their love is worth the risks.

I wasnít sure how I would feel about Diplomacy because the characters are married or involved at the start of their affair, but Zahra Owens did such a beautiful job with the story that I absolutely adored Jack and Lucas. There were some high anxiety moments but for the most part Diplomacy was a beautifully written story of two people finding something they didnít think they were allowed to have.  Jack, the older of the two men really stole my heart, even though he was older he was the less experienced and his lovingly passion-filled need for Lucas was so sweet, I couldnít help but hope they found a way to be together.  As for Luke, heís just adorable!  Ms. Owens really did a great job with this story including the supporting characters. With its ups and downs, twist and surprises I Joyfully Recommend Diplomacy.


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