Deadly Deceptions by Linda Lael Miller
Mojo Series, Book 2
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0-373-77256-8
Reviewer: Melissa




Mojo Sheepshanks is trying to settle into her life as a private investigator and into her relationship with Tucker Darroch, a divorced former DEA agent turned sheriffís deputy. Of course settling in would be much easier if she didnít see dead people. Dead people who come to her for help. When the ghost of child appears to her, she must help find a killer before another child is killed. As she hunts for a killer, Mojo also must decide if she can handle the problems of a jealous ex-wife and children that come with a relationship with Tucker.

Deadly Deceptions is the second book in Linda Lael Millerís Mojo Series. I had read Deadly Gamble, which is the first book, and knew as soon as I saw Deadly Deceptions, I had to read it ASAP! Mojo and Tuckerís relationship kept me turning the pages, dying for Mojo to trust in Tucker, while the paranormal element kept me totally enthralled, unsure of who or what was going to appear to Mojo next! Readers who havenít read any of this series have missed really great storytelling. Thatís why I canít Joyfully Recommend Deadly Deceptions highly enough. I know Iíll be waiting impatiently for Linda Lael Millerís next book in this wonderful series!


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