Beyond Fearless by Rebecca York
Beyond, Book 2
Berkley Sensation
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: (10) 042521866X (13) 978-0425218662
Reviewed by Amelia




When her parents die, leaving her with a lot of debts, Anna Ridgeway turns her psychic talent into a way to pay the bills. She has a nightclub act where she can touch objects and tell people things about their lives. When she feels like someone is stalking her in her hometown, she accepts a job on Grand Fernandino, in the Caribbean, to hopefully escape the danger she knows she’s in.

Diver Zach Robinson is on Grand Fernandino to dive on a wreck site, and recover valuables that were lost. When part of his dive crew sees an evil spirit at the wreck site, and refuses to go back down, Zach must wait for replacements from home before diving again. While waiting, he attends Anna’s nightclub act, and feels an instant attraction to the woman.

While Zach and Anna explore the bond between them, something else is lurking in the shadows. Raoul San Donato, an island shaman, wants Anna for his own, thinking that he can join their powers and become very powerful. But Raoul isn’t the only thing standing in the way of happiness for Zach and Anna. Someone else is lurking in the shadows; and that someone wants both of them dead.

Beyond Fearless is a fantastic mix of romance and danger. It continues the fascinating psychic world Ms. York created in Beyond Control. The bond between Zach and Anna is strong and pulls at the reader’s heartstrings. Anna is strong and able to care for herself, and Zach is just plain yummy. Watching the two of them come together was a treat that kept me enthralled.

Ms. York’s storytelling abilities always pull me in on the first page of her novels and keep me hooked until the last word. Beyond Fearless continued that trend, and is a definite Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read.


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