And Then... by Brenda Bryce
Changeling Press
M/M Interspecies Sci-Fi
ISBN: 978-1-59596-956-9
Reviewed by Ley




Born into slavery Geoff never knew what it was like to be a free man.  Trained to be a gladiator and fight for the entertainment of his master, freedom was a fantasy for his kind.  Ardis was once free, but now he’s in a strange land engaged in battles to the death amongst the enslaved. Geoff and Ardis are the last two men standing, and come tomorrow the finale battle will leave just one man alive. Tonight, they didn’t think about that, tonight they chose to seek comfort from one another and take advantage of an opportunity they may never have again.

And Then… was great! I absolutely adored this story.  Geoff and Ardis were very different starting with the life they lived and the fact that Ardis was humanoid and Geoff was human, but now they were both slaves slated to fight their final battle come the next morning.  Brenda Bryce’s twist of a future society with technology at their fingertips preferring to entertain themselves by watching barbaric battles of ancient times was very interesting.  Ms. Bryce did a fantastic job of evoking compassion for these big strong brawny men, and when they come together in lovemaking it’s so sweet and beautiful to read.  I loved And Then… from start to finish, and I Joyfully Recommend it!


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