A Lover’s Regret by AlTonya Washington
The Ramsey, Book IV
African American Contemporary
Reviewed by Nikita Steele




Twenty years ago, Melina Dan witnessed a horrific event – the murder of eighteen-year-old Sera Black.  But before Melina could tell anyone what happened, a grave threat was made to keep her silent.  Years later, that horrible night once again caused major havoc in Melina’s blissful life by forcing her walk out on her beloved husband, Yohan Ramsey.  Eight years had passed since Melina unwillingly left her marriage, but now Yohan was back demanding answers to her reasoning for leaving.  And just when Melina thought things could not get any worse, a scandalous truth was revealed to her – a truth that could easily destroy all that Yohan holds dear and possibly drive him to murder. 

I hate to sound like a broken record, but when it comes to AlTonya Washington Ramsey’s series, all I can say is WOW and go BUY this book!  I am continuously amazed that with each new release, this series gets better and the obscurity that surrounds this family on an endless basis becomes even more mysterious whenever a key piece of information is exposed.  You can bet your bottom dollar that there is never a dull second with the Ramsey folk.  I love each and every delicious moment in A Lover’s Regret.  The love that shines between Yohan and Melina is passionate and heartfelt.  It was a wonder that Yohan waited so long to go after Melina, but once he did, there was no stopping him from reclaiming his wife.  It was also a delight to see the lives of past characters from previous installments being expounded on to add more spice to this super-hot novel.  To gain a complete satisfaction of the Ramsey saga, I would suggest reading each book in the order of its release.  Nevertheless, if you pick up this incredible book first you will not feel like you missed out something very important because Ms. Washington gives great background details.  A Lover’s Regret is a story not to be missed!


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