What Mattered Most by Linda Winfree
Romantic Supsense
Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 1-59998-266-8
Reviewer: Melissa




Homicide detective, John O’Reilly, has believed that his partner, Beth, is the love of his life for a long time.  When Beth decided that their relationship wasn’t really love and broke up with him, he moved on with deputy Lanie Falconetti.  Lanie is everything he has ever wanted in a woman, but in his heart he’s never truly let himself love her, holding on to the idea of Beth as his perfect woman. Even after Lanie accidentally became pregnant.  Lanie deeply loves John, and while their relationship may not be perfect, she had no idea that he harbored feelings for another woman.  When John and Beth’s past comes to light in the form of her abusive ex-husband, Lanie’s world crumbles beneath her.  However, it’s really John whose view of his life is shattered when Beth’s ex-husband decides to take away John’s woman the way he believes John took away his.  Only when Lanie’s life is on the line does John truly realize what his feelings are for each woman.  But it maybe too late for Lanie.

What Mattered Most is one of those stories that twists your emotions. I went from wanting to knock John down and kicking him…repeatedly, to whimpering for Lanie to give him another chance.  Lanie broke my heart to the point where I was actually sniffling (in fact my husband disgustedly looked at me and asked if I was crying LOL).  With her first book Linda Winfree knocks it out of the park. I will most definitely be haunting the coming soon pages for her future releases!


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